How To Use The Best portable band saw Safely

The best portable band saw is a powerful cutting tool. This is why they should be made use of with respect and care. Below we have provided you with certain tips for a safe and also a proper use.

The Saw Table: It should not have any debris. You will also have to arrange the upper saw guide. In this way it will clear the workpiece the saw will not make a neat if it is standing above the work. Asides from this more of the blade are left uncovered thereby making it vulnerable to the sawyer.

Be Slow: In the best portable band saw before you bring the workpiece into contact with the blade you should allow the saw to reach its maximum speed. The stock should be fed slowly inside the band-saw blade. On doing so, the blade will make an uneven noise. If you work slowly the blade will burn the workpiece. You will not come across the risk of a kickback. You are also advised not to push too hard as in this way you can uproot the blade to one side thereby resulting in an irregular cut. A lot of speed or pres­sure will also dim the blade faster.

Cutting Curves In Wood: On a band saw, all of the curves cannot be cut trying the same technique repeatedly to solve a problem. Based on the radii of the three different curves can be applied. In the best portable band saw, there is a technique which is known as nibble cutting which is made use of to cut inside the radii. It is within the cut path at selected anchor point button that many different cuts at different locations are made thereby removing a lot of the debris After this, the band saw will easily be able to make the arched cut. It is possible to present the cutting path to the band saw, for outside curves with large ra­dii. It will, later on, cut its way around the curve. Building a series of contiguous cuts will make the job easier for tighter curves. You can also make perpendicular lines to the tangents. This sort of a method is known as relief cutting.

Protect Yourself: Wear goggles or safety glasses. When the saw is running, you are also advised to see to it that your fingers are not near the blade. In fact, your fingers should be at least 6” away. Your fingers should not the used to remove them when sawing results in loose scrap pieces. Keep a tiny piece of scrap or stick at hand to drive the nonessential pieces out of the way.

The Blade: While hunting for the best portable band saw, if the blade makes a click­ing sound as it saws, you should immediately turn off the saw. This noise may mean that that the blade is cracked and may be about to break. You can replace the blade when the saw comes to a stop.

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